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Healthy Together 5210 is aimed at tackling childhood obesity by promoting healthy behaviors. Through engagement, education, collaboration, and policy change, it is building a culture of healthy living in communities -- and raising a healthier generation of kids. The 5210 program is evidence-based, easy to use, and simply designed to complement and enhance existing wellness efforts.

What is the 5210 League?

Healthy Together 5210 encourages children and families to join the 5-2-1-0 League by following the

5-2-1-0 behaviors:

  • 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables every day

  • 2 hours or less of recreational screen time per day

  • 1 hour or more of physical activity every day

  • 0 sugar-sweetened beverages, instead having water or low-fat milk

If you are interested in collaborating with Atrium Health Anson and the Partnership to bring Healthy Together 5210 to your child care facility, contact LeAnn Melton.

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