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A child's early years are so defining that by the time a child completes the third-grade, their outcomes can predict future academic achievement and career success. Investing in creating opportunities for high-quality child development leads to positive outcomes for children and for our community. When we invest in early childhood, children are more likely to read on grade level by the end of the third grade, to graduate from high school, to stay healthier throughout their lives, to get higher-paying jobs, and to contribute more toward the costs of critical public services.

High quality investment in early childhood results in stronger families and has multi-generational effects. Indeed, investments in early childhood lead to better employment and health, a reduction in persistent crime, and enable other life achievements. When children participate in quality early care and education programs, it enables their parents to seek, secure, and retain employment. This, in turn, increases household income and has positive effects on family stability.

Too often, families must make difficult choices. Half of working fathers and three-quarters of working mothers report turning down work opportunities, changing jobs, or having to leave the workforce altogether to tend to their children. There is a direct negative impact on the workforce and on socio-economic equity.

You can play a part in ensuring that the children of Anson County have a good beginning in life by becoming an advocate for early childhood care and education. Contact the Partnership to learn about becoming an advocate for the young children of our community.

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